Social Media & Police Brutality


Future Issues


How I felt yesterday when I logged onto social media. lol

A new change for America, one that has been in the making for some time now. There are many different view points on the legalizing of same-sex marriage. It was interesting to see the different views on this subject, the comments and photos…. y4ovj0n

Since social media is booming due to the recent events of yesterday’s news I decided I would try a social site that I have not experienced yet. I decided to try InterNations, I wanted to see what other parts of the world thought of our new legalization of same-sex marriage. However you must submit your information and wait on approval. So onto the next I decided to go with snapchat, I hear my children talk about it a lot but I myself have not experienced snapchat. It was exciting to try something new, however I think snapchat is more for the younger generations, I really do not believe that I will put much use into snapchat but it was good to just try something different but I really do not have any more room in my life for social media.

As for my experience with blogging, it was kind of neat to see some of the blogs I did, some I gave in depth thinking to and others I rushed because of deadlines. I am very thankful to Mrs. Royal for introducing me to blogging, I do think it will be a very valuable asset for myself in the near future. I plan on creating a blog for my church as soon as I slow down 🙂

Thank you all for this time that we have shared, it has been great interacting with each one of you.

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When it comes to the controversy on GIRL TALK, I personally do not have an opinion. From the little that I have heard and seen the young man seems to be very talented. However isn’t everyone on social media a STAR, I mean if you try hard enough to achieve a ridiculous amount of likes, comments, tweets, you can easily be an overnight success. The key to success is not obtaining success but do you have the knowledge to keep the success you have gained???

When it comes to legal considerations associated with the digital environment, I believe copyright is very important. A person should not be able to benefit from another’s work. As to why this young man of girl talk has not been sued, remains a mystery to me.

See following music copyrights lawsuit in attached link:

Buisness Model


The concept of the Long Tail and Free is to create attention through various media outlets. The creativity and design behind any idea has to catch the attention of the consumers. In order to be successful in entrepreneurship a person must be media literate and capable getting media attention through various sites.

App fit for ME!!


I would like to have a App, that would assist me with my church finances. The App would allow church members to pay their tithes, building fund, monthly dues and special donations. The App would keep track of everyone’s contributions and at any time they could request statements for tax or personal purposes. The App would also have a timeline of monthly contributions and the church’s spending. I feel this would help out a great deal for the church and the members.

The Future of Journalism


I see the future of journalism through the scope of social media. As society continues to embrace social media as an outlet for their daily dose of news, I believe that journalist will have to adapt to the needs of the consumers.


In the picture above, it makes me think of journalist who might be overwhelmed with the different types of social media.Therefore I believe it is imperative that journalism schools adapt to the social media trend and incorporate it has part of the journalism field of practice.